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The Spectra Watermachine with its unique Clark Pump is the most efficient marine watermaker available! With models producing between 150 and 10,000 gallons (590-37,854 L) per day with efficiencies running between 10 and 20 watt hours per gallon. Check out the 12 volt DC Catalina MkII, which produces 12.5 gallons per hour on 15 amp hours (180 watts), or the Farallon 2800, which produces 120 gallons per hour on just 1.2 kilowatts! Then checkout the competition and compare.

VENTURA-200T_3CThe Spectra Clark Pump

The Clark Pump is an energy recovery and pressure amplification innovation developed and manufactured by Spectra. It is powered by a flow of relatively low-pressure water from a separate pump (well or feed-water pump). The Clark Pump boosts the pressure of the feed-water to the reverse osmosis membrane (800 PSI).

diagram_flow_animSpectra Special Features

How it works… Watermaker 101

  • Exceptional energy efficiency 
  • Quiet continuous operation
  • Fully automatic operation with the MPC 3000
  • Full range of sizes to your vessels needs
  • Ideal for solar and/or wind powered systems
  • Easy to install modular designs
  • Product water flow unaffected by sea water temperature
  • 12V, 24V or AC powered units available
  • No gears or crank shafts that need oil or service


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