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Spirit of Bermuda

112′ Bermuda Sloop Schooner
The Spirit of Bermuda is a beautiful tall ship with a serious mission: to give hands-on ocean sailing experience to Bermudian youth so they can appreciate their country’s maritime heritage. Built by wooden boat specialists, Rockport Marine, and launched in 2006, she is a 112 ft. three-masted schooner in the traditional Bermuda Sloop design. While Spirit of Bermuda looks like a ship from the mid 1800’s, her systems are state-of-the-art to ensure safety at sea as well as comfort for its young sailors.

According to Brendan Riordan, project manager at Rockport Marine, “We can’t afford to put our reputation with the wrong guy. We hired NorEast because we can trust they will deliver what they promise. They are honest, straightforward and dependable. When you are building a boat, there are so many disciplines involved with overlapping schedules. It’s really important to have a systems engineer whose word you can rely on.”

NorEast Marine was responsible for:

  • Designing air conditioning system
  • Designing water maker system

Rockport Marine can be visited at:

Spirit of Bermuda’s own website:

“Everything we’ve asked Scott to do, he’s done well and on time. He’s reliable and that’s really important.”

– Brendan Riordan,
Rockport Marine