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OLIVER HAZARD PERRY PROJECT –  The Sailing Training Tall Ship of Rhode island ~

NorEast Marine Systems is happy to be a big part of this refit.  We started the design & engineering process back in 2012 and work began in the Spring of 2013.  Almost 2 years later and so much progress has been made refurbishing the Oliver Hazard Perry with all new marine systems.

Specifications of the Ship:

  • 200ft: Largest civilian Sailing School Vessel in the US
  • 7 miles of rope, 160 belaying pins, 20 sails, 14,000 sq ft of sail
  • Ocean-going full-rigged ship: The first to be built in the US in over 100 years
  • Sailing School Vessel: Carries no passengers, all who sail aboard are crew and take active roles in sailing the ship safely
  • Meets and exceeds all USCG and ABS safety requirements for a ship of her size
  • Provides an opportunity for growth: personally, professionally, academically, physically &  socially – building seamanship skills, teamwork, leadership, stewardship
  • Accommodates 49 people overnight, including 15 professional crew

Scope of the Project:

Below is a list of all  the systems NorEast Marine has design, engineered and installed on the Oliver Hazard Perry as of 1/13/2015

  • Chiller System – All new AC piping and insulation, air handlers, frequency drives, pumps, controls with reverse heat, expansion tanks and duct work.
  • Fresh Water Systems – All new fresh water plumbing/ piping and insulation, Spectra Water Makers, Hot water heaters and  External Constant Pressure Water Systems, Sinks, Faucets, Showers, Drains
  • Grey Water Systems  – All Grey water plumbing/piping and insulation
  • Black Water Systems – All new plumbing/piping and insulation, Sewage Treatment Plant, Online Vac System, Tank Sentry systems with high level alarm and pump down control, Pumps & Heads
  • Bilge System/ Fire Water Systems
  • Sea Water Manifold
  • Oil Water Separator
  • Fuel Oil System
  • Hydraulics System
  • Exhaust Make Up Air System
  • Sea Chest
  • Engine Room Sea Water
  • Exhaust Thru Hulls
  • Immersion Heat